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On October 26, 2007, the Fashion Fights Poverty event (FFP),

organized by the United Nations and gathered young designers from America and Europe, was held in Washington. Russia at the famous forum was represented by Natalia Naftalieva, who demonstrated

her new collection of the last season. The show was a great success.

The collection was attributed to the direction of high-fashion and was honored to close the gala show.

"The world is growing more familiar with Russian designers increasingly mingling in the world's fashion capitals.

Natalia Naftalieva is no exception. Beginning her fashion career in Moscow, Naftalieva has exhibited her creations in Russia and Western Europe. Her commitment to design extends beyond the world of fashion: she collaborated with the Moscow government on that city's 850th anniversary. Naftalieva's spirit in benefiting other artists is no less ambitious. In 2006, she established a fashion center to support young designers, and her Theatre of Fashion and Style continues to support the arts. Now that Natalia's name is often heard in the West, she’s set to shake up global fashion".  Patrick Peterson, fashion expert.

"Other crowd pleasers included hooded and shrouded evening ensembles by Russian desigher Natalia Naftalieva".

Kevin Chaffee, The Washington Times

"Russian designer Natalia Naftalieva got the biggest reaction out

of the crowd when she sent deamatic peaked shoulders, exagerrated hips and, most notably, red headsman masks down the runway". www.

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