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"TV-6 Line", Natalia Naftalieva's new collection was presented in the GUM department store in front of the crowd of journalists, stars of the show business and cinema.

The collection in trendy acid colors was created within a very short time for the TV-6 channel.

Now it will be represented in the TV-6 boutique in the department store #1 of the city of Moscow.


During the show the reporters and hosts of talk shows

on the TV-6 channel who worked together with professional models presented the collection. This idea of the organizers

of the show was greeted by the spectators with enthusiasm.

TV-6 has found a very simple and extravagant way to win over its competitors "TV-6 Line" will be a representation of the channel's style, colors and youthful spirit (Commersant DAILY, 1997)

TV-6 channel started its own fashion business – a store

of trendy clothing for the youth "TV-6 Line". The creator

of the store is a chief fashion designer of the channel Natalia Naftalieva – her name is now associated with TV industry.

The stars of the TV-6 channel act as real-life models promoting Natalia's collection. (NEZAVISIMAYA newspaper, 1997)

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