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"Graffiti" on the walls, garbage cans next door to the

chic show-windows, a colorful tramp, living right there,

a discord of city noises and a heap of newspapers carried

by the wind. In the chaotic movement of models – the pace and multidimensionality of the life of a megacity.

The Moscow - New York - two realities on one parallel

in different hemispheres of the planet.  Two absolutely different, but at the same time very similar life positions, cultures, rhythms.

Images are born right in the streets.

All that we admired yesterday – design, shapes, lines,

great names – gradually fades into the background,

becomes part of history, new styles are created before our eyes. Hence the designer's attempts to escape from the old, reshape yesterday's hits beyond recognition, and the desire to seek in deconstructionism, in the direction of alternative fashion and, without detracting from traditions, to introduce an element of unpredictability into everyday life.

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