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It became trendy to use stars as models. Max Pokrovskij, Tutta Larsen, Oleg Nesterov, Irina Apeksimova, Natalia Petrova, Sergey Galanin participated in the fashion show

of Natalia Nftalieva.


It took place in the Moscow Palace of Youth this March

and looked more like a theater performance than

a regular defile, which traditionally attracts a lot of people. Professional models wearing shoes from Hush Puppies and clothes from Naftalieva played a secondary role in the performance. Most of the reporters" and the spectators" attention was concentrated on pop-stars

and actors. Each of them had a part in the show.


Oleg Nesterov worked together with his own basset dog (basset is a symbol of the Hush Puppies footwear brand which now has launched its line in Russia).

The dog had a perfect behavior. No one knows if dogs

can feel emotional support but just in case all the stage was full of toy bassets that were eventually given to spectators. The culmination of the show was indeed very erotic. The main characters - a superboy and a supergirl have played a beautiful sex scene on stage, which ended up with the girl's disappearance. (OM magazine, 1998)

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