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Coquettish merchant wifes, barefoot careless peasants, fun fairs, the pandemonium of the East and West, a mixture of traditions, styles, styles and colors.

The collection has a lot of gold, silver, red, green – the primary colors for painting church domes. Unusual combinations

of leather and lace or leather and thin chiffon made models look extraterrestrial.

The collection, highly theatrical and partly loyal to old Russian style, was dedicated to the 850th anniversary of Moscow

and represented the various stages of the development

of the Moscow costume.

Naftaliyeva was carried away by her journey into the history

of the costume. Mostly Moscow's costume. She interpreted

the dresses of the pre-Petrine times, with the excitement

of the designer-constructivist, writing her own details and elements for a completely traditional dress ... The theme of

the Russian fair was one of the main in the jubilee collection ...

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