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"Freedom, equality and brotherhood".

The Great French, which broke the epoch,

left the unresolved questions for any artist: what is the revolution – romance or madness, violence or retribution, the cruelty of the executioners or the triumph of the heroes. The In the new collection of Natalia Naftalieva

in the cacophony of styles and sounds, the slogans

of barricades and the music of the French chanson,

the pathetic of the revolutionary masses and the cheap luxury of street women, the cloisters and the forefathers

of the Jacobin terror, were mixed.

Gray and red are the two primary colors in the collection

of Natalia Naftalieva, where the red color of blood

and aggression is sure to be absorbed by the severe and ascetic gray. Red boutonniere on modest little dresses – fiery flashes on the gray streets of Paris.

The White wedding dresses in torn lace "a la Maria Antoinette" as a symbol of broken royal power and monarchic grandeur.

The red scarf is like a trace on the neck of a desecrated aristocracy, the tragic and bloody trail of the Great French.

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