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In the collection "Russian glamor" N.Naftalieva democracy and the courage of design solutions are combined with the timeless attributes of chic – fur, lace, leather, glass beads – and demonstrate a new look

at the true luxury of the new century.  

The collection is eclectic – a mixture of different styles and directions makes each dress look like a charade. Some of the items from the collection

of Naftalieva can be safely attributed to the category

of "haute couture" – they have a lot of careful manual work, plus a great fit for the figure.


The collection, created on the basis of modern technologies in combination with traditional textures

and materials, turned out to be absolutely Russian, despite the fabrics of Italian manufacturers.

The Unexpected by the combination of styles, colors

and textures, this collection has already received a lot of positive reviews of foreign journalists at the International Fashion Salon pret-a-porte "MOMI" in Milan.


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