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Experimental feature film

The Woman personified in various characters from different historical periods starting with pagan ages and until the modern times comes a long way full of temptations, danger, falls and revivals. She who is created to be the source of life, beauty and love looses her true nature to become a cruel and violent monster.


A video story

It is a musical story based on Bjork's song "I miss you".

A woman in the middle of the big city, lost, running away from loneliness.

She is guided by the call of shaman leaving behind all

that is unnecessary and returning to her true nature.



Special programme "Free Fall Impro: music+cinema" was presented by RapIra NN Production company on the 12th

of June - Russia Independence Day.

The programme included pre-premiere screening of the film "Materia" (directed by Natalia Naftalieva) and jazz concert by famous musicians whose music became part of the soundtrack for the film: Vladimir Miller (London), Sainkho Namtchilak (Vienna), Moscow Composers Orchestra.


Video-art "Creation" at
 "Contemporary visions"project

Contemporary Visions - Videoart in LOOP" is a project by Italian art association AIAPI allowing simultaneous demonstration of videoart pieces in different locations all around the world.

In November 2017 videoart "Creation" by Natalia Naftalieva has been chosen for this unique project.

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