The workshop of Natalia Naftalieva's Fashion House is a creative laboratory where the designer, together with like-minded people, develops new collections and creates individual images, experiments with form and textures.


The fashion workshop is located in the spacious apartments of the late 19th century house in the center of Moscow, whose creative spirit is backed by the decor of the Art Nouveau era. The Fashion workshop - a new format for the work of designer Natalia Naftalieva, who replaced the Fashion Center on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

"In working with personal clients, Natalia clearly knows what image, costume, style will suit one or another of social status and individual characteristics. It's not surprising that its clients are business and socialites. " Magazine "City of Women"


The "A good tuxedo, immaculately sitting on a figure, is very difficult to sew. Not all Russian designers are able to perform this work professionally. And those who can - among them and Naftaliev - in great demand ". Magazine "MoDa!"

"- Do I have to go to the designer to dress well? Is it expensive?

- If you compare with the prices that Moscow offers boutiques of Western brands, they are quite comparable to the prices for clothes from the designer. But dressing designer - it means getting an exclusive thing, and any brand thing - it's still batch production, albeit in small batches. To the designer go for an exclusive, for a professional look at the style, finally, for communication. " From the interview of N. Naftaliyeva to the magazine "Vestnik of the Association of Managers"