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The exhibition "Take a look at this world", dedicated to the 20th anniversary

of Moscow and Beijing becoming sister cities, took place in Beijing's Museum

of Women and Children from 20th till 30th of October 2016. It demonstrated

to Chinese public the art work by professional artists and students of Moscow art schools.

Using a variety of techniques and methods of Fine Arts pertaining to russian academic art school, artists showed the Moscow city in their own unique way. Golden domes of ancient temples and urban structures were next to funny characters, scenes from common life and images of toys and animals.

Collected in a single exhibition space, they created a vibrant and multi-faceted kaleidoscope of life.

One of the most prominent parts of this exposition was Natalia Naftalieva's video art-work piece "Materia" - a synthesis of documentary chronicles, art costumes show and original footage that reflect the diversity of female characters, given through the prism of time. "Materia" was demostrated on a screen surrounded by a collection of costumes " Moscovite Russia" – a modern stylization of ancient russian boyar clothes which has parallels in coloring and motifs to Far East costume traditions.



The exhibition "Take a look at this world" shows that artistic vision of Russian artists has much in common with the cultural traditions of the West as well as those of the East. The reality they create is fresh and open-minded, free from political reminiscences. Their world is the world of creators of the future. 

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